What do I need to bring to my WIC appointment? Print

Proof of current income:

                Paycheck stubs (from the last 30 days), income tax return, Medicaid card, OR

                Notice of award letter for SNAP benefits (formerly called food stamps) and/or FIP

Proof of address (one of the following):

                Utility bill

                Rent or mortgage receipt

                Driver's license with current address

                Voter registration card with current address

Proof of identity for each family member applying for WIC such as:

                Driver's license or passport

                Birth certificate

                eWIC card

                Insurance or Medicaid card

                School or work ID

                Hospital/medical record

                Crib card               

                WIC ID folder from any state

                Social security card

Hemoglobin or hematocrit results, height and weight (if available)

Immunization record for children 2 years and younger

All children and/or infants who are receiving WIC





This institution is an equal opportunity provider