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There is a $15.00 administration fee per child for all non-Iowa Medicaid children receiving vaccinations through our immunization clinics.  We accept cash, check, credit or debit cards for payment at this time. In addition, we are unable to accept children with Hawk-I coverage.  These children should be taken to their physician for immunizations.


COVID-19 Daily Update & Reports PDF Print E-mail





April 18, 2021

   Data Table 4-18-21

COVID-19 data are reported as accurately as we have available. Data are updated as we receive information that is more complete and is subject to change.

Total positive cases data includes cases diagnosed with a positive PCR or antigen test for a current infection, and does not include positive serology tests. The total case number information is taken from the IDPH website, which updates throughout the day.

Total recovered includes cases that have either met the criteria for no longer needing isolation and public health monitoring, OR that have had at least 28 days pass since their diagnosis.  The recovery criteria are set by the CDC and include:

  • No fever for at least 24 hours (that is one full day of no fever without the use of medicine that reduces fevers) AND
  • Other symptoms have improved (for example, when cough or shortness of breath have  improved) AND
  • At least ten days have passed since symptoms first appeared.    (Updated 7/21/20)

Negative tests are generally NOT required to be released from isolation. 

As of 12/9/20, the deaths reported are taken from the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) dashboard at  On 12/7/20 IDPH changed the way that deaths are counted and reported to better align with what is happening nationally.  This did effect the number of deaths that were reported in many counties, including Woodbury County.  An explanation of this change can be found at  

The IDPH 14-day average percentage positive is calculated by IDPH using the total positive tests from the past 14 days divided by the total tests completed in the past 14 days.  

Current hospitalizations includes people who are currently hospitalized in Woodbury County with a COVID-19 diagnosis.  The numbers are broken down into Woodbury County residents only, and total, which includes Woodbury County residents AND residents from other states and counties that are currently hospitalized in a Woodbury County hospital.  We are also breaking it down further to show the number of those currently hospitalized with a COVID-19 diagnosis that are actually hospitalized due to the severity of their illness, and that aren't in the hospital for another reason and also are COVID positive.  The number hospitalized with COVID provides information about hospital capacity use, and the number hospitalized due to COVID provides information about illness severity.     

The Iowa Department of Public Health is updating number of cases regularly on their website.  You can find data, including daily case counts, on the Iowa Department of Public Health COVID-19 dashboard, which is continually updated and available to you at You can click on Woodbury County on the state map to sort for just Woodbury County, and the statistics shown at the top of the page will reflect Woodbury County information.


Past Weekly Updates

SDHD is no longer compiling weekly updates; however, past updates can be found below. For updated state and local data, visit the State of Iowa COVID-19 dashboard at  

We have had some questions about why our percentage positivity did not always match what IDPH was reporting as a 14-day positivity rate. SDHD started calculating a weekly positivity rate in June 2020, because it provided a better statistic to trend than the daily positivity rate, which really varies from day to day. This was quite a while before IDPH started calculating their 14 day positivity. SDHD includes all of the negative tests over time for one individual unless they are from the same day, or the one day before or after. Each of these negative results is valuable and has the potential to be a positive result, or case, so they are all included in our denominator (number of tests). Once a person becomes positive, they are then only counted as one case.  IDPH calculates things a little bit differently.  IDPH was using a 14 day time frame and counting individuals instead of tests, so each individual was only accounted for once. For example, if during the 14 day period, a person is tested multiple times and they are all negative, it is counted as one test for IDPH's rate. Or if they are negative and later positive, only the positive result is counted. SDHD wants to keep our calculations consistent in order to better compare one week to the next and have a true trend. (NOTE: IDPH has changed their reporting to reflect tests instead of individuals).


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