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Need a copy of your child's immunization record? Click Here. Must have name, date of birth, and a Social Security or Medicaid number.

To schedule an appointment, call 712-279-6119 and ask for the clinic.

Immunization eligibility information for Vaccine for Children's (VFC) program in English and Spanish 

Click here for more information.

All clinics held at SDHD, 1014 Nebraska St.

Effective, August 1, 2016 there is a $15.00 administration fee per child for all non-Iowa Medicaid children receiving vaccinations through our immunization clinics.  We accept cash, check, credit or debit cards for payment at this time. In addition, we are unable to accept children with Hawk-I coverage.  These children should be taken to their physician for immunizations.


Frequently Asked Questions PDF Print E-mail

Q:  Can I bring my child to the health department for shots? 

A:  It depends.  SDHD provides vaccines (shots) for children ages 0 – 18 if they have one or more of the following: no health insurance; are on Medicaid (bring copy of card with you); are Native American or Alaska Native; or has health insurance that does not pay for shots.


Q:  Do I need to make an appointment for shots for my kids? 

A:  Shots for kids are given during scheduled immunization clinics each month.  Appointments are required. See the website for scheduled immunization clinics.


Q:  What shots does my child need? 

A:  It depends on the age of the child and what vaccines your child has already received.  You should bring a copy of your child’s immunization record to the immunization clinic so that staff can determine what vaccines are needed.  It is important to keep a copy of all vaccines/shots that your child has received.


Q: I am traveling overseas.  What shots do I need and how much do they cost? 

A:  It depends on where you are traveling. It is important to plan ahead for any vaccines that you may need.  You can check with your local health department or access the CDC’s website for vaccine information.  Check with your health care provider or local health department for vaccine costs.


Q:  I am an adult on Iowa Medicaid.  Can I come to the health department to get vaccines that I need?

A:  Iowa Medicaid does not pay for adult vaccines.  You may still come to the health department but you will need to pay for any vaccines that you receive.


Q:  Can I get the flu from the flu shot or flu mist? 

A:  No


Q:  Does the health department give free tetanus shots? 

A:  No, tetanus shots are available for a fee.


Q: Does it cost anything to get STD testing done?

A: There currently is no charge for the majority of STD testing.  The exam is free and even most of the common medicines are free if an STD is diagnosed.  HIV and hepatitis C testing may have a charge depending on someone’s risk for these infections and occasionally individuals may have an infection that requires a medicine that we don’t have and they will have to pay for it at a pharmacy.


Q: Do you have to be a Woodbury County or Iowa resident to be tested for STDs at your clinic?

A: No.  Our clinic is available to anyone regardless of where they live.


Q: How often should I have my well water tested?

A: It is recommended that well water is tested once a year.  The spring, when the weather is warming up and the snow is melting, is the best time to have your water tested because problems with your well will be more likely to be detected at this time.


Q: Do you do testing for rabies?

A: Siouxland District Health Department is an excellent resource for rabies questions and concerns, but we do not test for rabies.  We can help evaluate a person’s risk for rabies after a potential exposure and assist in the processing of animals being tested.  SDHD can also facilitate the submission of animals to the appropriate laboratory when testing is necessary.


Q: Do you do pre-employment drug screening?

A: SDHD has drug testing available for all types of situations, including pre-employment screening.  A $15 collection fee is charged in addition to charges that range from $15-45 depending on how many drugs the individual needs tested.  You may want to check with your potential employer to make sure that they will accept our test results or if they have a contracted agency that does their testing.


Q: I think I have mold in my house.  Should I have it tested?

A: It is not recommended that people have mold tested.  Every person reacts to mold a little differently and there is no standard that determines how much mold is too much.  It is also not usually necessary to know what type of mold that you have.  The cleaning of mold does not depend on the type of mold present.


Q: How do I get WIC?

A:  To receive WIC in Iowa you must live in Iowa, meet the income guidelines and have a health or nutrition risk. Please call the WIC office at 279-6636 if you would like to see if you qualify.


Q: Where can I use my WIC checks?

A: Iowa WIC checks must be used in Iowa. Sioux City stores that accept WIC checks are listed below:


4500 Sergeant Rd.

3301 Gordon Dr.

2827 Hamilton Blvd.


4267 Sergeant Rd.

4016 Indian Hills Dr.

4040 War Eagle Dr.


3400 Singing Hills Dr.

3101 Floyd Blvd.

Select Food Market

1730 Pierce St.

Abarrotes El Arcoiris

2022 Court St.

Supermercado Latino

1001 Court St.


Q: How can we find out about job vacancies at SDHD, and how do we apply?

A: Please visit the SDHD and Woodbury County websites.


Q: What payment sources can we use?

A: We accept cash, check and debit card.


Q: Can I see a doctor?

A: SDHD is not a physician’s office. 


Q: Can Siouxland District Health Department issue a birth certificate?

A: No, please contact the Woodbury County Recorder's Office at the Courthouse.


Q: Do you sell radon kits and how much do they cost?  Are there instructions available?

A: Yes, we sell radon kits for $7 and instructions are available. You can purchase them at the front desk.


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