DNA and Paternity Testing/Sample Collection Print

SDHD collects paternity samples for several private companies.  SDHD does not do the actual testing itself.

Samples are usually collected via buccal (cheek) swabs.

People interested in paternity testing should contact one of the private companies.  These companies will explain the testing procedures and discuss costs.  Once an agreement is made between the client and the company, the company will contact SDHD to set up the collection.

SDHD does not receive test results.  Those arrangements may be made between the client and the testing company.

SDHD does not endorse any particular company, but a few of the companies that we work with are linked below.  The list is not exhaustive and there are many different companies that do this type of testing.


Identity Genetics, Brookings, SD:  www.identitygenetics.com   1-800-861-1054

Lab Corp: www.labcorp.com   1-800-742-3944, Option #3

Paternity Testing Corporation: www.ptclabs.com   1-800-837-8323

DNA Diagnostics Center: www.dnacenter.com   1-800-833-3105