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Presumptive Medicaid Eligibility Determinations

  • Determination that allows pregnant women to receive Medicaid coverage for prenatal care while a formal Medicaid eligibility determination is being made through the Department of Human Services.


Health Education

  • Education about pregnancy, delivery, growth and development, medical home, tobacco and substance abuse, and mental health services.


Oral Health Services 

  • Dental screening and fluoride application, dental treatment through referral and oral health education.


Care Coordination

  • Assists clients in establishing medical and dental homes and coordination of other Medicaid eligible medical appointment needs.


Postpartum Home Visits

  • Mother and infant receive home visit by a Maternal Health nurse within one month of delivery.


Completion of Medicaid Prenatal Risk Assessment

  • Determination of preterm delivery risk status which is forwarded on to the client's obstetrical provider.
  • Enhanced services for women with high risk pregnancies must include the core services, development of an individualized plan of care and a psychosocial assessment. Referrals are made to mental health services to those who require or request an evaluation
  • Services for low risk pregnancy include all of the core services.
  • Clients are also assessed for tobacco use and perinatal depression.




  • All women, with a verification of pregnacy, who live in Iowa must show proof of address.
  • Services are provided at varying fees based on family income:
    • If income is below the federal poverty guidelines, services are provided at no charge.
    • If income is above the federal poverty guidelines and below 300% of the federal poverty guidelines, services will be provided on a sliding fee scale.
    • If income is at or above 300% of the federal poverty guidelines, Maternal Health services are charged the full fee.


View the Maternal Health Program brochure. Available in English and Spanish.  


To schedule an appointment, please call 712-279-6119 or 800-587-3005 and ask for the Maternal Health program.